DOHA 2020 olympic city

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Featured article from “Brand New: Logos for the 2020 Olympics Candidate Cities.” by John J Custer.

“While failing to become a Candidate City for the 2020 Games (in addition to a 2016 attempt), the mark presented by Doha was inspired by the Arabic word for Doha, “ad-dawha,” which translates to “the big tree.” This is a reference to the prominent tree that stood at the site where the original fishing village arose on the eastern coast of the Qatar peninsula, and it is considered to be a symbol of cultivation.

The Doha Olympic Committee used this inspiration to create an edgy, youthful, and fruitful mark that feels tailored to the sleek, Armani Exchange-ish life that can be had in Qatar. The dark coloured trunk of the mark illustrates the region’s strong historic heritage, while the lively firework-like leaves display the excitement and growth of the city and the Games to come. The clever addition of purple to the mark, which is the colour of the Qatari flag, links the people of Qatar back to this international competition and furthers Qatar’s presences in the Olympic community—something that Madrid should learn from.

Overall, the mark was a move in the right direction, with its simple formal shapes and clever colouring. It is a mark that easily benefits the branding as a whole through its readiness to be dissected into patterns, shapes, and icons to carry the Qatari story from beginning to end. Sadly, the games will pass over Doha in 2020. Here’s to seeing what handsome mark the Qatar Olympic Committee creates for the 2024 bid.”


Ping Pong dubai

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The Ping Pong Dubai brand was created to be a strong, youthful and flexible brand that would drive people to events, generate content and participation efforts of the Ping Pong Dubai team. We then designed all the key event and brand collateral for the series of first events to launch the programme. This included the championships at Dubai Sports World, PR events at ‘The Grill’ radio show space and all the merchandise to support its launch.



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Sportsmania is a sports center with state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai offering 4 different sports pitches in one unique location.