© Kalian Branding 2012, Dubai UAE

Dara Developments was created to represent a coveted residential property developer who builds homes that people will aspire to be a part of. With prime locations in the most desired addresses in Dubai, Dara Developments needed a brand that would cultivate and foster a highly recognized culture of refined taste. The brand is made to convey the detail-oriented layouts, décor and hospitality and not to be confused with other more commercial developers. The four icons in the logo represent extraordinary characteristics of Dara: Privilege, Precision, Original and Organic.



© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

Vizir Hospitality was created as a luxury serviced apartment operator brand which operates in all Dara Developments properties. The objective was to bring a truly customized hospitality experience to the space of luxury service apartments in Dubai. The brand was designed around the Art Deco theme which lends itself well in reflecting a similar period that Dubai is going through. Art Deco celebrated the rise of commerce, technology and speed and was symbolic of the strong economy giving hope for a prosperous future. The Vizir brand will endeavour to deliver hospitality in a world-class manner with impeccable attention to detail and unique service offerings that go beyond the walls of the property.


BUrj Al Arab

© Hills Balfour 2016, Dubai UAE

The iconic curved shapes of the hotel’s exterior mixed with the complex circular patterns of the inner atrium, inspired the brand development for Jumeirah’s world famous 7 star hotel. A bolder younger approach was created with strong graphic elements and an extended vibrant colour palette inspired by the Burj Al Arab’s interior.



© Kalian Branding 2014, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

JEC needed a Coffee Table book that tells the story of the vision for Kingdom Tower within the context of Kingdom City. The book was designed to have a single piece of collateral position and showcase the ambitions and passions behind these iconic projects to all of its stakeholders, guests, VIP’s and potential investors.



© Kalian Branding 2015, Karachi Pakistan

Orchid Builders & Developers is established to deliver on a vision to redefine high-end living in Pakistan. Their projects reach for iconic status, with a noticeable commitment to quality and design. The developers aim to deliver a luxurious lifestyle to a distinguished clientele that demand exclusive, high quality living.

 Kalian was inspired by the tower’s architecture, which boasts a linear design, virtually creating a diamond in the sky. A latticed exoskeleton elegantly cloaks the exterior, framing the views. Complementing the glamorous exterior, the interiors convey a more subtle luxury through warm, natural finishes that exude sophistication. We integrated the strong lines that the structure would be known for within the context of the skyline and fused that with the warm colour palette of the interiors to create a brand that will stand the test of time and truly represent the lifestyle offering that The Orchid provides.



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots 2005, Brisbane Australia

Nestled deep within a lush valley, with stunning panoramic hinterland views, Orara Valley House offers the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation, providing the perfect escape from city life. The energetic identity was inspired by the ornate details of the luxurious interiors, balanced with the peaceful spiritual harmony of the surroundings.