The following is a collection of projects in the design industry including fashion, photography, architecture and innovation.



© Kalian Branding 2017, Dubai UAE

When the Level Kids team approached Kalian, they wanted to make sure that the new Pixie Dust brand evokes the following emotions: Magical, Story Telling, Relatable, Dreamy, Aspirational and Playful. We felt that the ‘Universe’ as a concept, combines all those elements and designed a graphic world that has simple yet playful icons in soft beautiful pastel colours. The brand is beautifully executed across all types of garments, accessories, merchandise and packaging, which combined have created the magical universe of Pixie Dust! With a promise to protect Earth, all Pixie Dust products are produced in an eco-friendly, allergy-free, ISO certified fabrics and prints.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

Winnovate empowers participants with a variety of tools and methodologies, it is a catalyst for enquiring minds that are open to ground-breaking thinking methodologies. This is what inspired the brand promise, ‘Confidence to Innovate’. The visual identity was inspired by the tangram and its interactive problem-solving puzzles.



© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

For more than three decades Dewan Architects & Engineers has been one of the region's leading lights – guiding, driving and catalysing the extraordinary evolution of the Middle East's architecture and engineering design industry. Dewan launched its Dubai design studio in 1999, in response to the emirate's need for iconic yet efficient design solutions. Since then, Dewan has been a renowned and celebrated contributor to Dubai's internationally-acclaimed and award-winning skyline.

The brand design is based around the idea of stencilling due to its rugged constructivist nature. Traditionally used on items related to buildings or structures, it conveys durability and is utilitarian as opposed to being simply decorative. Our concept stems from using an urban technique quite formally and boldly creating an ownable and recognisable system for the Dewan brand.



2012, Sydney Australia

Luke David’s reputation as one of Sydney’s leading event photographers has placed him in extremely high demand with a large clientele throughout Australia. Specialising in the Music Industry he is notorious with club and festival culture. Inspired by the cross-hairs of the camera lens, the identity incorporates a bold and unique monogram of his initials with an expressive container style identity to showcase his work.



2013, Dubai UAE

A creative collective specialising in new media and film production.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

COPIA is a communication and lifestyle management company working with brands in F&B, entertainment, hotels, fashion, art, design, health & beauty, lifestyle and luxury. Established and based in Dubai, they work to develop long-term consumer and corporate communication strategies, where brand positioning, creative sensibility, influencer networks, and brand integrity are at the core.

The new COPIA brand is crafted from the various attributes of the business and core values. The creative brief aimed at bridging the gap between corporate and lifestyle communication services. It cuts through the different sectors and tells a compelling story that is connectable and portrays the level of sophistication and taste that their clients currently represent.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

Established in 2016, UMAYA is an award-winning global lighting design company. UMAYA was conceived to be the perfect fusion of lighting design understanding, capability and execution generated via international studios located in Dubai, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. UMAYA brings together a unique cocktail of interior designers, urban planners and engineers of various disciplines; all with a shared passion for lighting. 



© Zaman 2008, Dubai UAE

An interchangeable calendar design. Each panel has die-cut shapes based on Islamic grids, when combined they create layered geometric designs. By rearranging the panels the user can create multiple designs for each month of the year.



Photography: Piki Bent, 2012, Dubai UAE

A series of T-Shirt designs for an online clothing label.


A series of work inspired by deconstructing traditional Islamic patterns.

Layered laser cut acrylic and coloured paper. Design Exhibition, Pro Art Gallery. 2013, Dubai UAE.

Painted and acrylic installation. Outdoor Art Project 2012, Dubai UAE.


Screen printed wrapping paper. Traffik Gallery Exhibition 2011, Dubai UAE.




© Kalian Branding 2012, Dubai UAE

Dara Developments was created to represent a coveted residential property developer who builds homes that people will aspire to be a part of. With prime locations in the most desired addresses in Dubai, Dara Developments needed a brand that would cultivate and foster a highly recognized culture of refined taste. The brand is made to convey the detail-oriented layouts, décor and hospitality and not to be confused with other more commercial developers. The four icons in the logo represent extraordinary characteristics of Dara: Privilege, Precision, Original and Organic.



© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

Vizir Hospitality was created as a luxury serviced apartment operator brand which operates in all Dara Developments properties. The objective was to bring a truly customized hospitality experience to the space of luxury service apartments in Dubai. The brand was designed around the Art Deco theme which lends itself well in reflecting a similar period that Dubai is going through. Art Deco celebrated the rise of commerce, technology and speed and was symbolic of the strong economy giving hope for a prosperous future. The Vizir brand will endeavour to deliver hospitality in a world-class manner with impeccable attention to detail and unique service offerings that go beyond the walls of the property.


BUrj Al Arab

© Hills Balfour 2016, Dubai UAE

The iconic curved shapes of the hotel’s exterior mixed with the complex circular patterns of the inner atrium, inspired the brand development for Jumeirah’s world famous 7 star hotel. A bolder younger approach was created with strong graphic elements and an extended vibrant colour palette inspired by the Burj Al Arab’s interior.



© Kalian Branding 2014, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

JEC needed a Coffee Table book that tells the story of the vision for Kingdom Tower within the context of Kingdom City. The book was designed to have a single piece of collateral position and showcase the ambitions and passions behind these iconic projects to all of its stakeholders, guests, VIP’s and potential investors.



© Kalian Branding 2015, Karachi Pakistan

Orchid Builders & Developers is established to deliver on a vision to redefine high-end living in Pakistan. Their projects reach for iconic status, with a noticeable commitment to quality and design. The developers aim to deliver a luxurious lifestyle to a distinguished clientele that demand exclusive, high quality living.

 Kalian was inspired by the tower’s architecture, which boasts a linear design, virtually creating a diamond in the sky. A latticed exoskeleton elegantly cloaks the exterior, framing the views. Complementing the glamorous exterior, the interiors convey a more subtle luxury through warm, natural finishes that exude sophistication. We integrated the strong lines that the structure would be known for within the context of the skyline and fused that with the warm colour palette of the interiors to create a brand that will stand the test of time and truly represent the lifestyle offering that The Orchid provides.



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots 2005, Brisbane Australia

Nestled deep within a lush valley, with stunning panoramic hinterland views, Orara Valley House offers the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation, providing the perfect escape from city life. The energetic identity was inspired by the ornate details of the luxurious interiors, balanced with the peaceful spiritual harmony of the surroundings.





© Kalian Branding 2018, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Film Council (SFC) is an entity under the General Culture Authority, responsible for the promotion and support of the film and content industry in Saudi Arabia. The creative challenge when developing the Saudi Film Council brand identity was to make sure that we stayed true to the Kingdom’s essence, while clearly depicting the sole purpose of the council, film. The creative concept stemmed from the idea of two worlds uniting, Saudi and Film. This route was a direct symbolism of a new film industry coming from the Nation. 



© Wolff Olins 2011, Oman

Omran drives the investment, growth and development of the rapidly growing tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman. They are the master developer of major tourism, heritage and urban developments, delivering some of nation’s most iconic projects, creating new destinations and unique experiences that benefit the social and economic growth of the Sultanate.

The brand values of ‘Know How, Respect and Beyond’ were matched with iconic shapes, patterns and vibrant colours from Oman’s rich cultural heritage creating a flexible, dynamic identity that changes with each application.



© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

Hedayah was established to serve as the premier international institution for training, dialogue, collaboration, and research to counter violent extremism (CVE). A multilateral center devoted to bringing together experts, expertise, and experience from around the globe with all things CVE. It is the first-ever International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and was inaugurated with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Hedayah identity reflects its dedication to addressing this long-term strategic challenge and depicts a combination of direction, seal of approval, and coming together towards a focal point. . 



© Kalian Branding 2012, Qatar

The Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer and focuses on the implementation of awareness and prevention programs aimed at informing the public and healthcare professionals on the disease itself. Because of its impressive process of metamorphosis and long-standing symbol of freedom & transformation, the Butterfly symbol was the clear choice for the QCS logo. 


Beauty Connection Spa 2014, Dubai UAE

The Beauty Connection Spa is the Biggest Day Spa in the Middle East. The unique industrial concept spans 6 beauty zones including the Wax District, Facial, Red Nail Avenue, Hamam, I Brows and Hair-A-Cut. Themed stencil artworks were created for each zone.















Designers: Moussa Beidas 2016, Dubai UAE

Kava & Chai is a specialty coffeehouse, stemming from the historic origins of our relationship with the humble coffee bean. Bringing together the smells and tastes synonymous with the Middle East and the impact coffee and tea drinking has had on daily life across the world. The visual identity uses a flexible design system with iconic elements and multiple languages.






© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

Benkay is a three stories Japanese restaurant and lounge in the heart of Dubai. Their edge and secret is the authentic Japanese ingredients they use which sets them apart from their competitors. Their goal is to be known for their cuisine but also to become one of Dubai’s hot spots for the affluent crowd. The brand is based around signature fashion inspired images combined with origami, Japanese ingredients and customised graphics. The graphic systems were later integrated into the interior space creating a harmonious link to the brand.



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots 2006, Brisbane Australia

A fresh food and juice cafe in Brisbane’s CBD. 



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots 2007, Brisbane Australia

Store mural and interior graphics for an IGA supermarket. Inspired by local landmarks and wildlife.



DOHA 2020 olympic city

© Hills Balfour 2012, Doha Qatar

Featured article from “Brand New: Logos for the 2020 Olympics Candidate Cities.” by John J Custer.

“While failing to become a Candidate City for the 2020 Games (in addition to a 2016 attempt), the mark presented by Doha was inspired by the Arabic word for Doha, “ad-dawha,” which translates to “the big tree.” This is a reference to the prominent tree that stood at the site where the original fishing village arose on the eastern coast of the Qatar peninsula, and it is considered to be a symbol of cultivation.

The Doha Olympic Committee used this inspiration to create an edgy, youthful, and fruitful mark that feels tailored to the sleek, Armani Exchange-ish life that can be had in Qatar. The dark coloured trunk of the mark illustrates the region’s strong historic heritage, while the lively firework-like leaves display the excitement and growth of the city and the Games to come. The clever addition of purple to the mark, which is the colour of the Qatari flag, links the people of Qatar back to this international competition and furthers Qatar’s presences in the Olympic community—something that Madrid should learn from.

Overall, the mark was a move in the right direction, with its simple formal shapes and clever colouring. It is a mark that easily benefits the branding as a whole through its readiness to be dissected into patterns, shapes, and icons to carry the Qatari story from beginning to end. Sadly, the games will pass over Doha in 2020. Here’s to seeing what handsome mark the Qatar Olympic Committee creates for the 2024 bid.”


Ping Pong dubai

© Hills Balfour 2013, Dubai UAE

The Ping Pong Dubai brand was created to be a strong, youthful and flexible brand that would drive people to events, generate content and participation efforts of the Ping Pong Dubai team. We then designed all the key event and brand collateral for the series of first events to launch the programme. This included the championships at Dubai Sports World, PR events at ‘The Grill’ radio show space and all the merchandise to support its launch.



© Inspiratus 2012, Dubai UAE

Sportsmania is a sports center with state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai offering 4 different sports pitches in one unique location.




Pro Art Gallery – Design Exhibition 2014, Dubai

Neon sculpture and laser cut paper eels.



Tashkeel Gallery – Group Exhibition 2013, Dubai UAE

Urchin explores the complex geometric relationships that form the delicate shell of the sea urchin.



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots, Brisbane 2007

Poster Exhibition exploring the studio’s influences.



© Designed in collaboration at inkahoots, Brisbane 2007

A vibrant pattern that covers the side wall of the emergency services building at Roma St. The design was inspired by vintage ambulance sirens, screen printed onto metal panels.



Outdoor Art Project 2011, Dubai UAE

Stencil artwork depicting urban Dubai, local landscapes and icons.



Designers: Ben Mangan © Exercise 2018, Australia (concept)

‘Haven’ is a new contemporary typographic/interactive artwork that explores the meaning of ‘Home’ and the relationship of self, identity, place and community, and aims to connect people, cities and cultures.



Designers: Ben Mangan © Exercise 2018, Australia (concept)