The following is a collection of projects in the design industry including fashion, photography, architecture and innovation.



© Kalian Branding 2017, Dubai UAE

When the Level Kids team approached Kalian, they wanted to make sure that the new Pixie Dust brand evokes the following emotions: Magical, Story Telling, Relatable, Dreamy, Aspirational and Playful. We felt that the ‘Universe’ as a concept, combines all those elements and designed a graphic world that has simple yet playful icons in soft beautiful pastel colours. The brand is beautifully executed across all types of garments, accessories, merchandise and packaging, which combined have created the magical universe of Pixie Dust! With a promise to protect Earth, all Pixie Dust products are produced in an eco-friendly, allergy-free, ISO certified fabrics and prints.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

Winnovate empowers participants with a variety of tools and methodologies, it is a catalyst for enquiring minds that are open to ground-breaking thinking methodologies. This is what inspired the brand promise, ‘Confidence to Innovate’. The visual identity was inspired by the tangram and its interactive problem-solving puzzles.



© Kalian Branding 2013, Dubai UAE

For more than three decades Dewan Architects & Engineers has been one of the region's leading lights – guiding, driving and catalysing the extraordinary evolution of the Middle East's architecture and engineering design industry. Dewan launched its Dubai design studio in 1999, in response to the emirate's need for iconic yet efficient design solutions. Since then, Dewan has been a renowned and celebrated contributor to Dubai's internationally-acclaimed and award-winning skyline.

The brand design is based around the idea of stencilling due to its rugged constructivist nature. Traditionally used on items related to buildings or structures, it conveys durability and is utilitarian as opposed to being simply decorative. Our concept stems from using an urban technique quite formally and boldly creating an ownable and recognisable system for the Dewan brand.



2012, Sydney Australia

Luke David’s reputation as one of Sydney’s leading event photographers has placed him in extremely high demand with a large clientele throughout Australia. Specialising in the Music Industry he is notorious with club and festival culture. Inspired by the cross-hairs of the camera lens, the identity incorporates a bold and unique monogram of his initials with an expressive container style identity to showcase his work.



2013, Dubai UAE

A creative collective specialising in new media and film production.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

COPIA is a communication and lifestyle management company working with brands in F&B, entertainment, hotels, fashion, art, design, health & beauty, lifestyle and luxury. Established and based in Dubai, they work to develop long-term consumer and corporate communication strategies, where brand positioning, creative sensibility, influencer networks, and brand integrity are at the core.

The new COPIA brand is crafted from the various attributes of the business and core values. The creative brief aimed at bridging the gap between corporate and lifestyle communication services. It cuts through the different sectors and tells a compelling story that is connectable and portrays the level of sophistication and taste that their clients currently represent.



© Kalian Branding 2016, Dubai UAE

Established in 2016, UMAYA is an award-winning global lighting design company. UMAYA was conceived to be the perfect fusion of lighting design understanding, capability and execution generated via international studios located in Dubai, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. UMAYA brings together a unique cocktail of interior designers, urban planners and engineers of various disciplines; all with a shared passion for lighting. 



© Zaman 2008, Dubai UAE

An interchangeable calendar design. Each panel has die-cut shapes based on Islamic grids, when combined they create layered geometric designs. By rearranging the panels the user can create multiple designs for each month of the year.



Photography: Piki Bent, 2012, Dubai UAE

A series of T-Shirt designs for an online clothing label.